About Varunair

what is Varunair about?

Incurable disease, drought, natural disaster, burnt forest, war, poverty, mischief and rebellion. The great land of Wardhaim is as good as dead.

Sahra Rinslet appears and calls herself as the maiden of judgment. She is going to stop the suffering by putting an end to the cursed land, killing everyone. In order to fulfil her duty, she needs a special sphere called Z Sphere. In other side, Shatreevar Radyusha Zaahir--the Z Sphere bearer whom Sahra saved from death of a coup--is against Sahra decision. Will he be able to find a way to stop Sahra and save the people of Wardhaim?

Z Sphere Universe

the world

"Spheria". That's how people call their earth. It's the world that stands parallel with other two worlds, so people are be able to see spirits and demons.

The art of controlling elements using spirits are called "magyx". People are born with different sphere color (something like aura perhaps). There are red-fire element, blue-water element, yellow-wood element, purple-dark element, green-wind element, orange-earth element. Some countries use the six element principal to study magyx. But there are actually seven elements.

The seventh element magyx can only be performed by a person with multiple colored sphere. It produces unique magyx by combining two or more elements. The multicolored sphere is called Z Sphere.

Bibles and tales said that Z Sphere could produce some godly powers such as bring back the dead, change fate and reverse time. Therefore their existence often kept as secret. But when the world fall its balance, Z Sphere is necessary.