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July 7th, 2013, 10:11 am

Bim Rahardjo

New Page Delay

Greetings, Good morning-Good Afternoon-Good Evening wherever you are!

Yeah we all know delays are sucks, whether at train station or airport. But everything had it own reason, good reason, the natural cause one.

That's the situation we got here, the natural cause reason... The author got sore throat for days till now and the release of the new page going to be delayed. Well, actually she's still working on it to finish the new page until... Johny got attacked too, his keyboard need to get repaired, and that's the limit.

It's pretty agonizing actually, when the action about to begin and delayed... hahahahaha... Enjoy the agony! :D

P.S: Johny is her Laptop/Notebook

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