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June 18th, 2013, 8:22 am

Bim Rahardjo

The New Co-Author

as from today I'll work as co-author for Varunair, hope I can help to develop this rather than ruining it :)

Actually I've been into the realm of Spheria -Z-Sphere Universe- for years, it's always amuse me every time I heard the development of the story, the characters, the time flow, the scene, and the Magyx. I often lost inside it, and this is one of the time flow that will shake the whole realm of Spheria hard, the existence the maiden of destruction and the dragon boy who bear the mystic item, the Z-Sphere.

as for me, I won't work much on the artwork, or maybe none, I'll instead working on the how the story goes and the little thing that will amuse you if you found it out.

One more time, I hope this series can go further and please everyone who loved it already or the first timer.

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